A Complete Social Media
Solution for Small Business
Our solution will help you to:
Promote your brand,
Know your Social ROI,
Manage all pages from one place,
Post in multiple places at the same time,
Keep an eye on industry news, experts,
your key influencers and even
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How it works:
Post your messages on all your social profiles. Schedule message delivery for optimum engagement times and see detailed reports on how you are doing.
Break down social properties within your network into groups and interact in a more intimate way. Monitor Competitors, communicate with Influencers and stay current with relevant media and trade content.
Boost your following and Promote your social properties. With our easy to use tools. Run contests, Quizzes and Sweepstakes, Offer Gifts, Set up a Stores and more. Our easy to use apps can be fully customized and published in just minutes.
Quickly gain insights on the performance of all your social properties, Analyze by network , Time, date, post and promotion.
Generate unique and relevant content, Set up keyword streams to look for new business, Discover who your biggest fans and influencers are and Monitor Competitors performance against your own.
What do your social media efforts add up to? What is the value of a fan or follower? An Influencer? Are your promotions financially effective? Utilize our tools to monitor and report back performance in these key areas.